Mathews Home Service-Senior Safety ServiceAs you grow older you want to continue to live safely and independently in your own home. After all, it‘s where your cherished memories are and where you feel most comfortable. Though, as we grow older our bodies change. We start to move a little slower. We don’t see quite as well as in the past. We lose our balance so much easier. These changes can lead to accidents such as falls, sprains and even breaks. The National Safety Council reports that each year, one in every three adults age 65 and older falls. The National Institutes Of Health reports  that six out of ten falls happen in the home. (Check out their senior safety tips!)

Where do you start so you can maintain your independence? Well, start by giving us a call. We can make your home “Fall Proof”, to give you the peace of mind you need. We will come out and evaluate your home’s safety needs, and recommend what actions are needed to help improve your living independently.


Grab BarsMathews Home Service Installs Senior Safety Grab Bars
Widen Interior Room Entry and Doorways for Wheelchair Access
Install Non-Skid Flooring
Paint Walls for Contrast
Install Motion Detector Lighting
Install Hand Rails
Exterior Motion Detector LightingMathews Home Service Installs Senior Safety Hand Rails
Pull Down Shelves for Accessibility 
Table Top Garden
Exterior Handrails
Bathroom Modification
Full House Modifications

Mathews Home Service Builds Tabletop GardensWe also offer Quarterly and Monthly Home Maintenance when the thought of general household up-keep becomes overwhelming. Regular home maintenance prevents major damage by catching an issue early. Let us take care of your home maintenance for you, so you enjoy those golden years. 

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We offer a first time customer and senior discount.