Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Installation For Montgomery and Bucks Counties, and Greater Philadelphia Area

Are you looking of you flat screen TV to be wall mounted in your home?

Whether for aesthetic reasons or just to save space, wall mounting your plasma, LCD, or LED monitor alway is a great choice.  Wall TV mounts now come with variety of options and able to be mounted to just about any surface including drywall, tile, or brick.

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If your not quite set on a TV wall mount, here is some information to help you make a decision.

Why You Should Wall Mount a Flat Screen TV.

Having your television mounted on a wall has several benefits including:

  • Space saving.  Especially if you have a largeTV.  You needn’t  waste your room space on huge entertainment centers anymore.  All you need to purchase is a wall mount, a TV, and a small stand or cabinet to house your audio and video components.  You can save even more space by installing a shelf that hangs from the wall mount keeping your home theatre is off the floor
  • Adjustability.  Even the most basic TV mounts come with at least a tilt adjustment so you can adjust your viewing angle.  The higher end models can do much more
  • Out of reach for children and animals.  You have the choice of how high you want the TV mounted so you can keep both the kids and TV safe.  This way there is less chance for damage to the TV or danger of it tipping onto pets or children..

Some Purchasing Tips

Flat Screen Wall mounts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so finding one that works for your particular situation is easy.  Most mounts are universal and can fit any relatively any  new flat screen TV.  However, there are some things you should consider.

  1. You’ll need to know the screen size and weight of the TV.  In most cases weight shouldn’t be an issue, especially if you purchased a brand new plasma or LED TV.
  2. What features?  The most basic mounts will have tilt adjustment.  Other options include an articulating arm, rotational adjustment up to 180 degrees, or a shallow mount.
  3. Where will it be mounted?  The most common place  a TV is mounted directly above a fireplace  in the main room.  However, you can mount a TV just about anywhere such as in a corner, behind a bar, underneath your kitchen cabinets, or even in the bathroom.
  4. What surface?  Most mounts come with an assortment of wall fasteners so you can attach to anything from drywall to cement.  Make sure the mount you get has the correct fasteners.  All mounts have the ability to attach to drywall.
  5. Cost.  You can typically expect to spend about $100 for Flat Screen TV mounts.  However, for larger, heavier TVs, you can spend up to $200 for fully adjustable options.