Fence Repair for Montgomery, Bucks, and surrounding Philadelphia areas

Do you live in Montgomery, Bucks, or the surrounding Philadelphia areas and have a fence or gate problem? Whether your fence has blown over, or has rot or you need a simple gate repair, you gotta guy for that! As a handyman in Montgomery, Bucks, or the surrounding Philadelphia area, I’ve fixed quite fences and can give you the help you need to get that fence back in order. Some common fence issues are:

Fence Post Broken

If your Fence in no longer standing upright, this is most likely the culprit The most common cause of a broken fence post, is when moisture gets around the post and slowly rots the base making the post much weaker. After a certain point, it just takes a strong gust and the fence goes down.

Repairing it is just a matter of digging out the old post, and setting in a new one. Once that’s done it’s a matter of rebuilding the section that blew over. Ask about steel fence post options so you won’t have any future worries.
Unstable Fence

If you can walk up to your fence and move it more than an inch or two, it’s most likely that your fence post has rotted out and will no longer supporting the fence. You want to fix this before the fence blows over.

Fence Boards Broken

Fence repair

Another common issue is when fence boards break. This is relatively easy and can be a DIY project. Head to your local home improvement store, pick up a couple of replacements and some screws or nails and attach the new boards. If you don’t have the confidence, give us a call we’ll gladly help.

Gate Sagging

Like doors, you need to regularly maintain you gate, in order for it to always function properly. Worst-case scenario, they were not built well to begin with. Either way, a sagging gates are a common issue that you don’t need to live with.

Solving the issue by reinforcing the gate with a cross member and some screws the usual answer. The gate however, may need to be rebuilt it works correctly.


Gate Won’t Latch

Wood expansion and contraction as the seasons change can cause the gate to become misaligned and not allow the gate to latch. Repairing this can be as simple as moving the latch or adjusting the gate appropriately.

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Having a broken fence can be a hassle and make your home look unsightly and unsecured. You needn’t put up with it, us give us a call and we’ll help get in looking and working right.