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Feature Wall in Montco PA area

Project: Feature Wall

Here we have both an interesting and challenging project that we had in the Montgomery County area. It was to take the old brick fireplace and wall and make it into a feature wall. The client loved Modular Arts interlocking titles. These are titles that you would find more often in high-end boutiques or restaurants.

Before TIles


After tiles


The original wall and brickwork faced out in three layers. The new wall needed to be one surface without removing away any of the brickwork. Studs and cement boards were used to create the one surface for the modular tiles.

The tiles are made of natural gypsum components are heavy and breakable. Cutting the titles was not a treat. Since the wall w as to wrap around to the sidewall, the end tiles and sidewall beginning tiles needed to be cut at 45 degrees. The best way was to use a diamond blade on the table saw. Since it was a dry cut, the amount of dust was incredible. Needed to rig the shop van to the table saw to pull most of the dust. Gypsum is not something you want to be inhaling or blowing around.

The tiles start at the floor level on the right on a snapped line. They are attached with screws to the wall with screws, the brick section I with masonry bit and screws, the cement board I used anchors.

Mathews Home Service : Feature WallThe tile kit comes with caulk and filler. Since the tiles are 12″ X 12″ and though the interlock, there are a lot of seams. Caulking and the filler on the seams, takes patients. You need to allow for drying time between applications. You don’t want to try and fill it all once. That would give you a sore sanding arm. You don’t have a choice but to sand the tiles and filler by hand to give you the right blend into each tile, so it gives the look as one large piece. You can’t help but feel a little like you are sculpting.

Painting was flat white latex sprayed on. The result turned out to be pretty cool. This was not a “couple of days” kind of project, it took a full week, due to all the filling drying time and sanding. As I said, it was challenging but I would do a feature wall like this again in a heartbeat.

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